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What We're Watching: Enabling Collaboration in the Enterprise


According to EMC’s Digital Universe Study, digital content is projected to double in size every two years until 2020, with 90 percent of it in unstructured information such as emails, documents and video. Smart companies are trying to find ways to get ahead of this influx of information. Many are integrating new technologies that can eliminate content silos and help their employees find the information they need, when they need it. This week we’ve been monitoring conversations around trends reshaping content management, sales enablement and a top-down approach to enterprise collaboration. Here are some of our favorites from the week:


4 trends reshaping traditional content management

Ben Rossi, reporter at Information Age highlighted four reasons behind why enterprise content management systems are in a state of disruption. “New workers with new expectations are doing their jobs in new ways – while the volume of content explodes and the traditional IT architecture falls away”, he said. Technology has changed the way we work and in turn, employees and employers have shifted their expectations around they should be able to do with it. Today’s content management systems haven’t kept up with the evolution of technology and as a result the next generation of content management tools need to put content in the right contexts to improve workplace efficiency.


3 ways marketing can help sales win

Encouraging collaboration between sales and marketing teams has become absolutely necessary among enterprise organizations.. According to VentureBeat, successful B2B companies have found the sweet spot when it comes to  collaboration and teamwork among their sales and marketing teams. An important sales enablement takeaway was that while understanding customers is necessary, sharing that insight across an enterprise is the more critical part to meeting customers’ needs.


 A Top-Down Approach to Enterprise Collaboration

Jaikumar Vijayan, contributor at CIO discussed the many challenges enterprises are facing when it comes implementing content management tools in their organizations. “A collaborative enterprise network, where workers are digitally connected and set up to seamlessly share knowledge and skills across functional and geographic borders, can deliver significant productivity gains and business value,” he added. While some organizations have tapped into these tools, many companies still struggle with improving communication among workers. Business consultant Paul Gillin said collaboration tools can help unlock the knowledge that exists within the company. “Most companies are now knowledge businesses,” he stated. “They don’t make products anymore. Their value comes from information or from their knowledge of how to distribute products to customers.”