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What We’re Watching: Shaping The Future Workplace

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Today’s workforce is hungry for an innovative solution to improve collaboration among teams. Unfortunately, many of the current tools in the enterprise still inhibit workers from effectively doing their jobs. Most content is stored in silos, making it extremely challenging for employees to find the information they need. This week we’ve been monitoring stories that highlight how future technologies will change the way employees collaborate and the future of work at large. Here are some of our favorites from this week:

Attack of the Data Silos 2: Coming soon to an enterprise near you - Computerworld

Information silos have been a frustrating problem for enterprise organizations since the 1990s and continue to be major obstacles today. New user friendly analytics tools are being introduced, creating new silos and issues for the enterprise. According to Computerworld, while these new tools are delivering exciting capabilities for the users involved they are also creating serious information disconnect through companies and making workers less efficient.

IT’s role in supporting workplace collaboration - FCW

Getting work done today requires more collaboration among diverse groups of people. A CEB research report found, “The average employee works with 10 or more individuals to accomplish daily tasks, and nearly half of an employee’s performance comes from integrated contributions.” An article in FCW, an outlet that provides federal executives insights on business management, policy, legislation and technology noted that this new age of work calls for a more strategic leader to take charge--one who is ready to inspire others and drive execution. It’s important for future leaders to direct, build and enable employee collaboration.

New Workplaces Mean New Demands on Leaders - CMSWire

In our contemporary workplaces, employees are becoming increasingly frustrated with outdated collaboration tools. Many technologies can no longer keep up with the amount of tasks employees have to accomplish. This is why it is critical for managers and employees to adapt new technologies and tools that allow information sharing across their networks and teams. CMSWire’s article suggests that neither senior managers nor the average knowledge worker are especially well-served by these tools. It’s critical that company decision makers recognize this and introduce tools that foster collaboration and decrease information overload. 

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