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Cruising over the line: Qualified Lead to Happy customer

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By understanding the customer and sales team's needs we can really begin to form a sales enablement strategy. Through harnessing the CRM data and predictive analytics you can... shorten the sale cycle by over 30%. 


With more pressure to cut cost of sales yet increase revenue, find out what the crux of Sales Enablement really is and how to implement it in your organisation in this short blog post.

Sales enablement is a buzzword amongst sales and marketing experts across the globe. It has been defined as a process, program, sales and marketing alignment, a department and also a job role in itself (Forrester, 2014). Organizations implement their sales enablement initiatives through multiple variations of the above, but whatever way you slice it the goal is the same: enable your organization to increase sales effectiveness. Sell quicker, sell confidently, sell collaboratively, sell more, cross-sell, up-sell... the list goes on. This blog post will help us see where you as a sales and marketing leaders can make an immediate impact on your organization’s sales performance.

So let’s take a look at a standard AIDEA buyer journey (and yes, there will be differing views and processes here but let’s keep it simple):

Awareness: Marketing creates content used to drive awareness amongst their target audience

Interest: When the prospect interacts with the content, they enter the top of the sales funnel and marketing generates a ’lead’ which is put through various nurturing programs and scored until deemed qualified.

Desire: Once the lead has been stamped as “qualified” by marketing (again the definition of “qualified" is a debate for another time and place) it is uploaded into the CRM with historical data on what actions the prospect has taken. The baton is then passed to the sales team with the intention for them to carry the opportunity across the line…

Evidence/Conviction: Sales reps are expected to provide the evidence of the superiority of their product/service and how it delivers on the promised value. This can be a very complex process in solution sales.

Action: Sales reps facilitate the sales process, again this becomes more complex with solution sales, services and customizable products.


The application of effective sales enablement should enable the sales team to carry the lead from the Desire stage to the positive Action/purchase decision. So what can we do to enable the teams to close these opportunities in the most efficient manner?

1. Identify and fill the gaps: What are the customer and sales rep really looking for?

Sometimes sales and marketing leaders invest a lot of time and money into creating sales tools that they assume sales reps need to close sales. Although it shows a lot of initiative – a plethora of content that doesn’t hit the need can actually debilitate the sales process instead of enabling. Is the sales operations team, product or training teams contributing to enabling the sales team or debilitating them? 

2. Eliminate time spent off the phones

How do you keep administrative tasks minimal and maximize time selling? Sales enablement should focus on providing your teams with the maximum capacity to sell! Your sales team are in it to win it so get them out from behind the desk - searching for content and building their own collateral - and automate the process.

3. Harness predictive analytics to automate the delivery of the best sales collateral

As mentioned above, sales teams find gathering information and building out repetitive pitch decks tedious and frustrating. Using the data from your CRM and marketing automation systems, top performing sales organizations can assist the sales rep with the most relevant training, coaching, collateral and other assets to help them be fully equipped to close the deal. Modern solutions predict the winning plays to greatly increase the odds of turning a qualified lead into a happy customer.

4. Measure and monitor your content ROI

After performing the above; identifying and filling the sales and customer gap, freeing up your teams to sell more, and harnessing your data and analytics – you are well on your way to enabling your teams to get deals across the line with minimal effort on their part. So with the money coming in faster than ever before – it is important to understand how your efforts translate to cash. For every enabling asset, winning organizations can see what content attributes to sales and what their sales reps have viewed, shared, downloaded and see their comments and ratings on the quality of the assets.

So, what are the takeaways from this blog?

By understanding the customer and sales teams needs we can really begin to form a sales enablement strategy. Through harnessing the CRM data – predictive analytics can automate the delivery of the most relevant content to your rep and shorten the sale cycle by over 30%. Now that’s sales enablement – sales teams making more money for your company and for their commission packet.

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