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Sales and Marketing Collaboration: Driving Revenue Together

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The sales and marketing teams are the two most essential departments within any organization that need to collaborate closely. They have a powerful impact on a company’s revenue and success and not having them in sync will hurt your ability to close deals. Knowledge automation can help bridge the gap when it comes to sharing customer data between marketing and sales. This week we’ve been monitoring stories around the future of text analytics software, the importance using a central repository system and customer experience tools.

Are text analytics tools the future of records management? - SearchContentManagement

From paper documents to digital files, content needs to be organized and accessible in order to provide real value. With the introduction of text analytics and auto-classification software, companies can use search to find the information they need. Text analytics software can also save companies time by leveraging existing content and even correcting “documents that may be improperly classified,” an article in SearchContentManagement noted. Incorporating text analytics, machine learning and natural language processing tools into enterprise search can create a seamless and effective way for uncovering data. Click on the link above and let us know what you think.

Marketers need customer experience tools more than they think - FierceContentManagement

Customer experience tools have become a major asset in helping companies meet and exceed sales and marketing goals. While marketers may be under the impression that they don’t need the latest and greatest technologies, these platforms to can help them gain a competitive edge. A recent study conducted by Salesforce revealed “Marketers rely on no less than 10 types of technology to manage the customer journey in its entirety.” Additionally, the study found that 86 percent of senior-level managers agree that managing the full customer experience is crucial. Successful companies should look to these tools to help them create meaningful customer relationships.

Why a Central Repository for Marketing Collateral Matters to Demand Generation - Business 2 Community

As digital marketing continues to evolve, enterprises need to implement a central repository system to help manage customer traction. Sales and marketing teams waste valuable time searching for and creating content that already exists. In fact, “Two-thirds of B2B marketers say content is fuel across all channels, including events, social, demand generation, etc” an article in Business 2 Community noted. When an organization’s content is organized in a central depository, it can create more opportunities to attract customers.

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