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Information is Dead, Long Live Knowledge

If your company is like most, the information you serve up and store for your team to conduct your business is stale and you don’t know what to do about it. There is so much of it that it is no longer a human-scale problem to curate what you have.  What should we delete? What should we save? Who produced this stuff? Who is it or was it for? Does anyone still access it? If so, what do they think of it? Is it still useful?


Topics: Unstructured Data, Knowledge Systems, Knowledge Automation

Modern Technology is Remapping Your Brain for a New Purpose

Have you noticed how millennials interact with technology differently? They are highly networked and care less about privacy. They assume that technology will yield an answer.  They Google it, they Yelp it, they Uber it without even thinking about it. Of course there is an app for that. What impresses me most about millennials and their use of technology is that when they encounter an obstacle, they assume that there must be a way around it and through trial and error they find it. They don’t ever get stuck. Technology is a part of who they are.


What in the Heck is Knowledge Automation and Why Should Business Leaders Care?

If you are like most companies, you are in a “horns locked” fight with one or more competitors for dominance of your space. But what if I told you that 25% of every hour spent at your company was wasted? Further, what if I told you that with a relatively simple act you could not only get that time back, but you could make your people more battle-ready and smarter in the process? Not only is this NOT too good to be true, forward-thinking companies are already doing it.


Welcome to the new Kaybus blog!

Here we'll be sharing our thoughts and commentary on the happenings in the knowledge automation and content management industry and, ultimately, what that means for businesses and their employees. On the blog we'll also keep readers updated on what's happening at Kaybus, including new products we're introducing, events we're attending and lots more as we continue to grow and pioneer knowledge automation.


Welcome to the Kaybus Blog.
Here we’ll discuss trends shaping how the world creates, shares and uses information. Here we blog regularly on the latest trends in content sharing, predictive analytics and how technology is transforming how workplace collaboration happens. Dig in to find tips and insights on transforming your enterprise content from the experts at Kaybus.


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