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Knowledge collaboration across a global, virtual or traditional teams

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When it comes to increasing your employees’ productivity, implementing new systems for organizing content can help streamline business processes and eliminate inefficiencies across teams. Whether a team is working together virtually, across time zones or in a traditional office environment, incorporating these technologies can help companies foster a more collaborative environment and get ahead of competition. This week we’ve been monitoring stories around optimizing content sharing in the workplace, tips for improving collaboration among remote teams and the growing demand for data management systems. Click above to read in more detail and let us know your thoughts.

The Content Void: Are Your Internal Teams Using Your Content? - Business 2 Community

Employees work hard to create, distribute and share compelling content across teams. However, an article in Business 2 Community noted that “91% of B2B marketers use the content they produce, but 65% of the content created goes unused.” This happens because information is scattered across repositories, which makes it increasingly difficult for internal teams to find the information they need to do their jobs. If companies don’t have a system in place for sorting content and extracting knowledge, valuable information can be wasted or lost. To solve this issue, companies need to implement a central location for sorting information and help to optimize existing content in the future.

Five ways to improve collaboration among remote teams - Boston Business Journal

The way we work today is experiencing a transformation -- moving from a traditional office environment to a virtual one. A large number of employees have started working remotely, using online tools to connect and collaborate. For companies that have adopted a flexible work environment, it's important to implement the most effective technology tools to maximize productivity. An article in the Boston Business Journal shared five tips to improve collaboration among remote workers. The article emphasized the importance of “investing in tools that work the way your teams do.” It’s crucial to not only choose tools that help teams collaborate, but are also easy teach, learn and use. The article also noted that it’s important to establish clear guidelines so teams understand what’s expected and can perform to their best ability.

Data Overload: The Growing Demand for Context and Structure - Huffington Post

In a world flooded with content, companies are facing a demand to implement new ways for organizing data. The amount of information employees consume on a daily basis can become overwhelming, resulting in a phenomenon called, information overload, “or stress induced by the reception of more information than is necessary to make a decision,” according to the Huffington Post. Companies, both large and small are constantly collecting and generating more and more  data, but don’t have sufficient solutions to management it. Its important to look ahead and put solutions in place to ensure company success.

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