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The Kill Switch: Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Content Marketing

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The Kill Switch: Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Content Marketing

The days of marketing to your customers without providing any real value are over. Many declare content is king and the present and future of marketing, and content marketing continues to transform how the marketing department operates. But even if you create quality content, how can you ensure it is truly working?

Surfacing the right content to the right user at the right time, and tracking that content is essential to determine what content is effective. It also provides a zero-risk approach to creating content in the first place. Here are three tips to help utilize effective content sharing and make the most of your content marketing program:  

Evaluate content consumption

More than 50 percent of sales representatives don’t believe marketing content actually improves sales effectiveness. At the same time, marketing teams create content without knowing which pieces of collateral are most effective because they don’t know what the sales team is actually using. Effecting content sharing and tracking provides a comprehensive view of how your content is being used, so your marketing team sees what documents and presentations the sales team is using--or not using--on a regular basis. Similarly, new technologies in content sharing can constantly filter out content that is poorly rated, never used or out of date before exposing it to your team and wasting their time. Your sales team will only see the most effective and best-rated material, ultimately increasing sales effectiveness as you tailor content to reflect the feedback.

Create a single source of truth

Successful content sharing technologies can integrate with any platform. According to a recent study by Netskope, any given enterprise uses about 508 applications all at once. The most popular of these apps include Google Drive, Facebook, Gmail, Amazon CloudDrive, Microsoft Office and Salesforce.com. When enterprises use so many applications at one time, they create content silos that make it nearly impossible for employees to find accurate information. Innovative content sharing technologies integrate information from these apps into a single source of truth that ensures information is accurate no matter who in the enterprise is using it. Regardless of whether the information comes from a sales rep or a customer service rep, companies can ensure customers are always receiving the most timely and accurate information.

Measure Twice, Create Content Once

One of the biggest hurdles to creating new content and adapting existing content is wasting cycles reviewing and editing content the sales and customer service teams will never use. Today’s content sharing capabilities constantly measure what works and adapts to user trends. You can fine tune your content based on user feedback without wasting time creating irrelevant content. You can see insight into exactly what your sales team needs and create content tailored for them.

Today’s marketing trends make it necessary to create content, but it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Reliable content sharing can simplify content marketing by measuring content effectiveness, streamlining content into a single location and eliminating risks.

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