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The Journey and Discovery

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The quest for discovery has driven humankind to pursue incredible journeys throughout time.

If one's lucky, you find the items sought, that thing that is relevant to your search. But journeys take time, energy and most of all; they take perseverance. Some people spend their entire lives in pursuit of discovery; whether spiritual, emotional or physical, it is a journey and it is a process.

Now think of the work environment for a moment. Look at your computer screen.  I find it interesting that after all these years, with all the advances in technology in collaboration and – content management, we continuously find ourselves engaged in the same core activity: we embark on hundreds of 'micro-journeys' to find content that is most relevant to us.  These actions are journeys we take alone. Hour-by -hour, day-by-day, five days a week, year after year.  

Information discovery within the enterprise hasn't evolved much.  In our consumer lives, however, it has evolved tremendously, providing us with recommendations and bringing highly relevant content to us before we ask for it.   Just this morning during my morning commute, iHeart Radio, as I opened their app, automatically recommended to me the Red Hot Chili Peppers latest Song "Dark Necessities" and started to play it for me.  Yes! Now that is what I am talking about!  

iHeart Radio knows my artist 'likes', they paid attention to my listening behaviors and without me embarking on a micro-journey to find a song that would be highly relevant to me, iHeart Radio automatically recommended it to me.  Spotify does the same with their Spotify Discovery Weekly, so does YouTube with their Recommended Feed.  They both embark on the journey and discovery for me, saving me hours of searching and I love that.

Now look ahead at your computer screen. When you turned it on this morning, was the first thing you saw the most relevant content for you to do your job without searching? Did your computer proactively tell you...

"Mary, this proposal template from six months back is exactly what you need to use for your proposal for Acme Corp."


"William, look at these five pieces of content, they are right up your alley, and you had no idea they even existed as they were created by colleagues from another office."

No. There is nothing like that on your work desktop but there should be.  The technology exists, your company simply hasn't implemented it...yet. Employees should not be required to search for information across multiple data sources. Going to more than one place is a waste of time.  Companies only need one site to act as a single source of truth.  And using a product that only provides searching, that too is inefficient and a waste of time, that path has been well traveled and we know it doesn't lead to discovery.  The software should automatically provide highly relevant content recommendations to you, after all, isn't that the goal of discovery, to find that to which you seek?  

Technology should take your reading and viewings patterns into consideration, and it should understand and leverage your search patterns, your work profile, what your peers are reading that you may not know about and when there is something that you should read, let the software automatically push that content to you.

There is more information and content floating around inside corporate file shares, CMS platforms, CRM integrations, Portals, desktop folders, email attachments, etc. than is possible for any employee to search, read and use correctly. It is time for all of us to stop embarking on hundreds of micro-journeys at work and let technology guide us.



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