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Collaboration Across Sales & Marketing

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In any organization, sales and marketing teams must collaborate to achieve long-term success. Content management tools allow sales agents to quickly find the most relevant and up-to-date product information the marketing department has created, allowing them to focus on building customer relationships, rather than searching for information. This week we’ve been monitoring stories that highlight how collaboration tools can make remote workers more efficient and help sales and marketing teams work together.  Click the link above and let us know what you are using, we would love to hear from you.

Providing a Collaborative Edge for Remote and In-Person Teams - CIO

More and more teams work remotely, and as a result companies are turning to content management software to organize and sort data. These tools allow both remote and in-house teams to collaborate easier than ever before. When files are stored in a central location, it's easy for teammates to connect, review documents and provide feedback in real-time.“The speed and effectiveness of your organization's collaboration is becoming less of a nice-to-have and more of a vital component for competitive success,” an article in CIO noted. Whether teams work remotely or in-person, new technologies can help them collaborate and give companies a competitive advantage.

How can you align customer service strategy with marketing? - SearchCRM

To build customer relationships and establish loyalty, marketing and customer support teams must work together. A call center agent who is unaware of the latest product update could share misleading information with a prospect, which would in turn reflect poorly on the company. This issue may also arise in a “cross-channel communication, where a customer has done research online on a product and requires additional information before he is ready to make a purchase,” an article in SearchCRM noted. The customer may ask additional follow-up questions about the product so, the agent has to be ready and informed to close the sale. Marketing and customer service teams need to collaborate to ensure the most up-to-date information is available for any agent who needs to access it quickly and easily. Aligning the goals of both the marketing and customer service teams will ultimately help win new customers and retain old customers by delivering better service and accurate and timely information.

How to Get Sales to Actually Use Your Sales Collateral - Business 2 Community

Content often gets buried in digital silos, which can lead to confusion across sales and marketing teams. One way companies can eliminate this issue is by using a content management system that allows workers to quickly access relevant information they need to do their jobs. According to the Aberdeen Group, “Up to 65 percent of B2B content goes unused.” Marketing teams often waste time developing content that doesn’t help the sales or customer support teams, and sales teams are left searching for useful information that will help them build relationships with potential leads. Implementing a content management solution can help sales and marketing teams work together effectively.

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